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I hope you like retro games as much as I do.  You will receive everything in the photos above.  Not sure if it works or not I have have the right video cables to try.  Hope your enjoy. Please let me know if your have any questions.

Here is some info about Intellivision

Classic game consoles are always fun for reliving your childhood. In 1979, Mattel released the original Intellivision. The “intelligent television” device was Mattel’s answer to the rise of the home video game console and the first one with a 16-bit microprocessor. Mattel redesigned Intellivision in 1982 and released its new product, the Mattel Intellivision II, along with a slew of games. The Mattel electronics division created the second version of Intellivision to feature two detachable controllers for easy portability and gameplay. Also included are a music keyboard and a sleeker case in white. When using the controllers, users place game-specific laminated overlays that are sold along with Intellivision games. These overlays can be used to show key functions for each particular game. Mattel’s 49-key musical synthesizer keyboard was a first of its kind in the gaming industry and intended for teaching music as well as entertaining users with games like Melody Blaster. The LED light on the console provides updates on the device status, letting you know whether it is off or on. The multifunctional power button also acts as a reset switch and an off/off switch that turns off the device when held down for five seconds. You can press the 1 and 9 buttons to set the game on pause during breaks. The controllers for the Intellivision II by Mattel have a flat-surface, a 12-button numeric keypad, and four action buttons on the sides. Each controller has a directional disk that is able to move in 16 directions. The original Intellivision II also includes the System Changer, a device that allows the user to play Atari 2600 games. The Mattel System Changer was, quite literally, a game-changer among the heavyweights in the multi-billion-dollar industry upon its release in 1982. The Intellivision II by Mattel is sought by collectors worldwide. It delivers complete gaming control with sharp, detailed graphics and high sound quality right out of the box.Original video games for Intellivision come in cartridge form. The Intellivision is compatible with cartridge games for many vintage arcade titles, thus contributing to the enormous popularity of the console. The Intellivision is also compatible with educational games for young players, which is another key component that made the system a hit. Some of Intellivision’s cartridge games include Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, Armor Battle, Astro Smash, Gold, Tennis, Night Stalker, and Star Strike. Among this Mattel device’s more rare video games are Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling, Congo Bongo, Pac Man, World Series MLB, Dig Dug, and Defender. Mattel was known for many firsts at the time. For instance, Mattel improved the audio on its system consoles when it released IntelliVoice, an innovative add-on device that produces voice synthesis for certain games. Only four Mattel games were released for the IntelliVoice: Space Spartans, Bomb Squad, B-17 Bomber, and Tron: Solar Sailor. Mattel continued to make new games for Intellivision consoles until 1991. Collectors and video game system enthusiasts alike seek out and enjoy the Intellivision II by Mattel, along with its many games.


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