Byron Bay, Australia


Byron Bay, Australia

  • Rating: Best beach town in the world.
  • Travel Difficulty and Warnings: Wildlife is real and dangerous. Do what the locals do if you don’t see people swimming in the water DO NOT go in. A jellyfish stung me and it hurt like hell. Stay out of parks at night and look where your walking snakes happen in Australia. Remember the locals rarely get hurt by wildlife it is almost always a tourist. Don’t be that guy.
  • How expensive is it: 12 pack of beer cost $50USD
  • How I got there? 20 hour bus ride from Sydney.
  • Food to try: Meat Pies at the Bakery
  • Drink of Choice: Coopers
  • Best activity: The Beach.
  • Where to stay? The Arts Factory!

Why should I go there?

As good as Sydney is and Sydney is unreal Byron is better.

Byron Bay is home to the GREATEST hostel in the world the Arts Factory. I spent three months in this little gem and left a better person. The amount of respect among campers and community atmosphere is one of the things that make traveling so special.

I spent most days exploring the beaches big beach, little beach, or shipwreck. The surfing is world class and it is easy to pick up a board. The supermarket is by far the cheapest place to get a good meal. Cooking in the Arts Factory kitchen is ideal. Many travelers cook most meals in Australia because buying meals can add up very quickly. Spend the evening drinking goon with who ever are in the hostel. If you’re feeling up for it the Cheeky Monkey is fun and the late night meat pie shop is an absolute must. Do not leave Byron Bay without visiting the bakery to try a pie. It is open 24 hours and usually has a long line all night.

Byron is one of those places that my heart longs for. If you’re going to be in OZ Byron is a must.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or stories. If you have your own thoughts one Byron please send away and I will post them on the site for you. This is a community site, which makes us stronger. I can only tell you my views on the world.

“Happiness is not a destination to arrive at, it’s a way of traveling”