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Byron Bay, Australia


Byron Bay, Australia

  • Rating: Best beach town in the world.
  • Travel Difficulty and Warnings: Wildlife is real and dangerous. Do what the locals do if you don’t see people swimming in the water DO NOT go in. A jellyfish stung me and it hurt like hell. Stay out of parks at night and look where your walking snakes happen in Australia. Remember the locals rarely get hurt by wildlife it is almost always a tourist. Don’t be that guy.
  • How expensive is it: 12 pack of beer cost $50USD
  • How I got there? 20 hour bus ride from Sydney.
  • Food to try: Meat Pies at the Bakery
  • Drink of Choice: Coopers
  • Best activity: The Beach.
  • Where to stay? The Arts Factory!

Why should I go there?

As good as Sydney is and Sydney is unreal Byron is better.

Byron Bay is home to the GREATEST hostel in the world the Arts Factory. I spent three months in this little gem and left a better person. The amount of respect among campers and community atmosphere is one of the things that make traveling so special.

I spent most days exploring the beaches big beach, little beach, or shipwreck. The surfing is world class and it is easy to pick up a board. The supermarket is by far the cheapest place to get a good meal. Cooking in the Arts Factory kitchen is ideal. Many travelers cook most meals in Australia because buying meals can add up very quickly. Spend the evening drinking goon with who ever are in the hostel. If you’re feeling up for it the Cheeky Monkey is fun and the late night meat pie shop is an absolute must. Do not leave Byron Bay without visiting the bakery to try a pie. It is open 24 hours and usually has a long line all night.

Byron is one of those places that my heart longs for. If you’re going to be in OZ Byron is a must.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or stories. If you have your own thoughts one Byron please send away and I will post them on the site for you. This is a community site, which makes us stronger. I can only tell you my views on the world.

“Happiness is not a destination to arrive at, it’s a way of traveling”



Knox Crew Travel



I am 33 years old and I know nothing about writing a blog or writing for that matter.

I grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley but do not have any interest in computers. In High School I was more concerned with experimenting with new experiences and socializing than getting good enough grades for college. When I finished high school all I had was multiple arrests, a 2.1 GPA, and a developing drug and alcohol problem. Now what?

Fortunately, my friend McDizzle and I somehow in our search for purpose decided to go to Europe for the summer. Hell the drinking age was 18 we were 18, Amsterdam, and far-fetched dreams of European love affairs were too much to resist. After those 30 days through Western Europe I was hooked. I returned to California and attempted to fit back into the flow of what all my 19-year-old peers were doing. Going to college. After one of the worst years of my life and one cry for help later I was f*ed again. Now What?

Somewhere inside the haze and confusion any intoxicated, lost, overwhelmed, 19-year-old feels, I made the greatest decision of my life. I bought a work visa to New Zealand. Thank you kind people at STA travel. I was off on a journey that would take me around the world, lasting 363 days through 30 something countries. I still have not finished that journey.

Traveling entered my soul and became a part of me in way I cannot explain. How can one explain how they feel about the love of their life? In many ways before I met my true love, traveling was my first love. She changed me in a way only a first love can. She provided many first moments, much confusion, pain, laughter, and was comforting to me in a complicated world. With her I have been to 40 something countries, I am not one of those people who cares enough to count. I have been to Europe five times, OZ twice and all over south East Asia. Total I have spent a little over five years of my life outside of my comfort zone.

Plains, trains, cars, boats, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, who cares as long as I was on my way to a place I had never been before is all I cared about. Anytime I was traveling I had arrived at my destination. I saw the Pope give his Christmas morning sermon, crawled through the Ho Chi Min tunnels in Vietnam, slept under an endless sun in the Norwegian fiords, danced through new years at Big ben, Barcelona, and New Zealand twice. Every time I have needed direction in life traveling has been my savior. Nothing like seeing the burning bodies floating down the Ganges and real starvation in India to put your life in perspective when you get home. I am never more grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life than when I return home from a long adventure.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” Mark Twain.

Please join the Knox Crew as we share with you some of our personal travel experiences and great places to visit throughout the world. We will be joined by an array of celebrity bloggers, amazing photography, videos, and who the hell knows what else.

It really is easier than you think. Just commit to buying the ticket. Call STA for advice or us at All I took around the world was a backpack, some clothes, books, first aid kit, camera and a journal. The old saying goes “Bring twice the money and half the clothes.” Anything you forget at home you will be able to buy abroad. If you’re worried about violence and things of that nature just look at what is happening in America. Trust me its far more dangerous to spend time in LA or Chicago than Rome. Just respect the local culture and you will be fine. Everyone speaks English who you will need to interact with.

The choice is yours how you would like to spend your time on Earth. Please let me know if you have any questions or stories. is about community and people sharing stories about their experiences and hopefully changing peoples lives for the better. I am sharing with you the greatest decision I ever made was to travel, which taught me the true meaning of the word Gratitude and in turn finally brought me Peace.


-Macker Ruff

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Macker’s Travel Tips

    • Never kick a Scottish man
    • People generally walk on the same side of the sidewalk as the cars drive on. For example, in California we generally walk on the right side of the sidewalk but in London they walk on the left.
    • Never carry a plastic bag of any kind around monkeys. They will mistake it for food and run away with your cell phone.
    • India is the world’s greatest contradiction. While walking down the street a curry may drift under your nose. A smell so beautiful it’s like seeing a color for the first time. Just a block later you can use an outdoor bathroom with a smell that will make a hangover person throw up.
    • In Australia they have news show where girls read the daily news while taking their tops off. We are ready and waiting HBO.
    • When in Rome eat as many spaghetti carbanars as you can
    • Best ways to get through a long flight is a book and to never look at your watch.
    • Bring twice the clothes and half the money
    • Most the things you had to have at REI a compass, whistle, safety whatever you will never take out of your bag.
    • Bring some old clothes at the start of your trip and throw them away along your journey. Its fun to acquire local clothes as you go.
    • Never invest in sunglasses. Buy the cheap ones you will lose them.
    • You will get ripped off. Just smile and consider it a travel tax.
    • Do not be scared to ask people for help.
    • Never walk down the street with a map out. If you need to look up directions duck into a store or restaurant and get your path down.